About Us

Laptop Computer RepairA group of several like-minded individuals saw a need for a computer repair store on Kalamazoo’s East side. The result is Your Information Technologies (or Your I.T., for short). At Your I.T., we strive to help keep your computer running at its best at a competitive price. We offer a free diagnostic check to let you know what your system needs to reach peak performance. If you decide to take it to another repair shop, we’re okay with that, but you will find our prices are very competitive!

We will also custom build a computer to your specifications. No “trial offer” software, no ads for this service or that provider…just what you request. If you cannot bring your computer to us, let us know and we’ll come to you! Our on-site rates are among the lowest in the area and our repair range is most of Southwest Michigan.

Your I.T. is always willing to answer your questions regarding your computer and we’ll walk you through how to make it work properly. So if you’re a power gamer who is looking for the latest in high-speed processing & memory, or if you’re just interested in a computer so you can email the family, Your Information Technologies is the place for you…because we want to be your I.T.!

Grey Grooters:

Raised in the Grand Rapids area, and a graduate of Lowell High School, Grey moved to Kalamazoo in 1988. He has worked various jobs in service industries, television, radio, and plastics manufacturing. His first computer was a Commodore VIC-20 (insert your own joke here) and he’s known for taking technical jargon and translating it into layman’s terms. Grey is also an avid Role-Playing Gamer.

Geek Score: 29.5203% – Total Geek

Jacob Stiel:

A local boy, graduated from Comstock High School in 2004. Jacob has been working in the computer industry since 2003. Having worked for companies small and large and focusing in both computers and networking, if it’s computer related he’s done it before.

Geek Score: 51.10701% – Super Geek

Brian Bartsch:

Brian moved to Kalamazoo in 2008 after spending his high school years going to Saline High School in Saline, Michigan. He’s been working professionally in the computer industry since 2004, working in both large scale situations like school districts and businesses, as well as several years in break-fix repair shops. Lately he’s been focusing on delving deeper on manually removing viruses and spyware.

Geek Score: 65.12915% – Geek God

Jeffrey Skonecki:

Jeff was born in Wisconsin and lived there through High School. Has worked doing component level repair of two way radio and other communications products. Also for ten years has worked in the telecommunications industry repairing cell phone sites. He has been working on computers and other electronics for a total of 15 years. It has been 22 years since his first dungeon crawl playing first edition D&D. He has a love of all things techy and geeky and at one point even built his very own trebuchet.

Geek Score: 59.96% – Extreme Geek