Safe Social Networking Tips

Everyone has a Facebook account these days, but not everyone know how to safely and securely use this social networking tool.  We here at Your Information Technologies would like to share a couple of our tips on how to keep your social networking experience, a good one.

1) Anything you put on the internet … stays on the internet

If you have posted it on the internet for someone to see, it’s there forever.  Just because you hit the delete button does not mean that it is gone forever.  Make sure the information you post isn’t something you will regret later.

2) Privacy Settings

Have you ever checked out the privacy settings on your Facebook account?  Make sure to set them to a level you feel comfortable.  More and more, social networking sites are sharing your information with advertisers.

3) Pretend you are talking to someone face to face

Don’t say something to someone, online, that you wouldn’t say to their face.  Just because there is an internet between you doesn’t mean that the standards of social conduct should be thrown out the window.

Facebook Privacy

4) Don’t post pictures of your children

Internet predators do exist, and the fact is that unless you’ve set your privacy settings so that only your friends can see them, anyone can see you have young children.

5) Children under 13 should not be allowed!

The rules are set in place for a reason, children under that age don’t quite understand how emotion and intent can get mixed up very quickly in a social network entry.  If they persist, get them setup with Club Penguin until they turn 13.

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  1. Dahrann - September 3, 2011

    Very valid, pithy, scucicnt, and on point. WD.

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