Keeping Kids Safe on the Net with K9 Web Protection

Keeping Kids Safe on ComputersKids get into everything growing up. Fitting under the sink to hide, sneaking into the circular clothes racks at department stores, and so on. The internet, however, is somewhere they should be protected from. There are a lot of malicious sites that phish for your personal information, sites that deliver adult content (nudity, violence, or otherwise), and ones deliver viruses to your computer. Kids can’t always be expected to know the difference between good sites and bad, but you can help control it.

Using a web filter program like K9 Web Protection, which is a free option, is a great way to help protect your children. You simply download it from their website, register an email address to activate your copy, and set it up. By default it blocks many sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr and more. During setup it requests a password to be set. Whenever a blocked site comes up, you can choose to allow access to it using this password. It allows time frame settings, so you can unblock Youtube for just 30 minutes, or an hour, or forever, giving you another way to help control your childs time on the internet.K9 Web Filter Kalamazoo

The best part about the K9 Web Protection filter is that it works both by website address and content; So if a webpage has a word on it that is in the ‘bad’ list of K9, it will block that site for you automatically.

A couple key things to remember however are that no program is perfect, and nothing is a substitute for teaching your kids proper and safe browsing habits, or direct parental supervision. Although there are ways to get around the filter (Which we here at Your Information Techologies have found ways to prevent, and can set this up for you) as there are with any protection on computers, it’s definitely a step in the right direction towards keeping kids safe.

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