Basic Computer Tips

We’ve got a shorter blog for you today, just a couple basic computer tips that not everyone knows about.В  Things that can make your experience with a computer that much better.

In any document, e-mail, or web page, you can double click a word to highlight it for editting.В  This is handy when you don’t want to click and drag to highlight a word.

You can enlarge the text in a web page by holding ctrl and pressing the plus or minus keys, plus enlarging the text and minus shrinking it.В  On a Mac, it’s the command key and the plus or minus.Computer Tips

You can resize a window by placing your cursor in the bottom right hand corner of the window, clicking, and dragging to whatever size you want to make the window.

You can use Google to do math for you,В  just type in an equation and press enter.

You don’t have to type the www. in a web address, by typing the address after that prefix, you will reach the web page you are looking for.В  There are some special exceptions, but they are very rare.

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