Spilling on Your Laptop or Electronics

Laptop Spill Your I.T. Can Fix ItSpilling on things, it happens. Sometimes a drink gets knocked over, or a phone dropped in a toilet. What’s the number one thing people immediately do? Try to turn it back on. What’s the number one worst thing you can do right away? Try to turn it back on. It’s not that water and electronics don’t get along. It’s electronics and power and water that don’t get along. Let’s go over together how it should be done.

Step 1) If at all possible, remove the battery or source of power (for anything plugged in) and make sure to turn it off (namely for things you can’t remove the power from like iPods).

Step 2) If it’s a large amount of liquid spilled on it, dump off any excess and pick up anything you can with a clean, slightly damp cloth. If it was something sticky like a pop or other sugary drink, try carefully rinsing it off with clear water. With something like a laptop, this isn’t always a good idea because you risk getting more liquid to the inside of the unit, whereas usually the keyboard does manage to catch most of it.

Computer Repair KalamazooStep 3) If it’s a smaller item, like an iPod or cell phone, place the item in a tupperware container of uncooked, dry rice and place it on top of the fridge. If it’s larger thing like a laptop, take off any panels you can see to take off that liquid may have gotten into (keeping accurate notes of what goes where), dry up any other liquid you find with a dry cloth, and place it on top of the fridge. The rice helps to dry out any moisture around the laptop, and being on the fridge provides it with a warm spot to dry even quicker.

Step 4) BE PATIENT. Because there’s not a lot of gaps for air to get in and out, it’s going to take a while to dry. We recommend giving it at least four whole days to dry wherever you put it before you try turning it on. Before putting any batteries back or putting any power to anything, check the power plugs. Look for corrosion (usually a white buildup) on any battery terminals or where power would plug in. On laptops double check the USB ports on the sides for any of this. If you see any, do not try to power it on. Bring it down to us at Your Information Technologies and let us give it a look see if it’s safe.

Step 5) After you’ve waited the 4 days (or more, more never hurts) to test it, see if the item works again. At this point you’ve taken all the right steps you can to prevent problems, and if something isn’t working it’s time to let the professionals deal with it and see what is salvageable.

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