The Different Internet Browsers

Everyday, people around the world use their computers to access the internet. What many of them don’t realize is that what they use to do that (typically Internet Explorer) is just a browser, a tool, to reach the internet, and that they have options. Choosing what browser you should use is very similar to choosing what kind of car you should drive. Below we’ve covered the four most popular of the browsers.

Google Chrome Kalamazoo1) Google Chrome – Created by Google, Chrome is currently the least bloated (a measure of how much memory/processor power it takes to run) of the four browsers. This means it’s the one best suited for older machines, but that certainly doesn’t rule it out being used on faster machines as well. If you need to get to the internet quickly, this is the best choice. Chrome also features something called ‘extensions’. These are written by users (such as you and I) to enhance how Chrome works. These extensions can do anything from change every search button to a picture of a cat, to blocking all advertisements on a website so you never see them.

Mozilla Firefox Repair2) Mozilla Firefox – Firefox was created by the Mozilla project, which is funded by SUN Microsystems (the company behind Java, and was recently aquired by Oracle) with the goal to provide an open source, better internet experience. Problems and bugs are found by the community using it, meaning if there’s an issue (a security hole, or a crashing problem) instead of a small team of a few people, there are literally thousands upon thousands of people finding solutions. This results in a more secure browser that’s safer for everything. Over the years, Firefox has slowly been using more and more resources, and although it will run fine on older systems, it doesn’t perform quite as quickly as Google Chrome. Like Chrome, Firefox also has extensions, but calls them ‘Add-Ons’. They fill the same role, just for Firefox.

Safari Virus Removal3) Apple Safari – Safari is the browser that ships on all Apple computers. It’s not widely used outside of Apple operating systems, but it is available for Windows download if you’d like to use it. Due to how it’s written, it’s roughly as secure as Firefox or Chrome, but partly because people simply don’t try to find the exploits in them due to the small user base.

Internet Explorer Spyware Removal4) Microsoft Internet Explorer – Internet Explorer comes loaded on every machine with Windows, be it XP, Vista, or 7. This is in the same style that Apple loads every computer running OSX (and earlier) with Safari. This is the least secure of the browser choices, partly due to how many people use it. The large user base makes it a target for hackers and virus writers, so the most vulnerabilities are revealed in it. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer also currently offers little in the ways of offering warnings to protect the user, but they are trying to improve this.

Your I.T.’s Browser Choice Suggestion:

Here at Your Information Technologies, we would highly suggest using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Each of these two browsers have extra protection for the end user against viruses, and due to the large base of people working to improve them, are more secure in general.

Keep in mind – Although we did cover the four most widely used browsers here, there are others out there available for use!

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