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The most valuable part of your computer is the information contained within. Your school documents from current or years past, budget sheets monthyly, pictures from your childrens birthdays. It’s easy to replace a computer when it gets destroyed by a thunderstorm; but to lose those things which can not be reproduced, that’s what hurts. Even having everything backed up on external hard drives or flash drives around the house doesn’t help if you get hit by a worst case scenario like a fire or tornado. Luckily, there’s ways to help protect yourself. What we’ll be covering today are a few online backup/syncing services that offer an amount of storage for free.

Dropbox Laptop Backups1) Dropbox - Dropbox works quite simply. You sign up for their services using an email, install the program they use to sync your information, and it’s done. It creates a folder under ‘My Documents’ named ‘My Dropbox’. Anything you place in this ‘My Dropbox’ folder is now backed up to their servers online, which allows you to view them from anywhere in the world. All you have to do to access it from another computer is to go and log in to see your files. If your computer dies, all it takes to get it running again is to install Dropbox on the new computer and sign in to your existing account.

The free service Dropbox offers gives 2GB of storage. This is enough for roughly 580 pictures fresh off a digital camera, or almost 400,000 documents to be stored in. Also – for every person you refer to Dropbox, you get an additional 250MB of space added to your limit, up to a maximum of 10GB. That means if you get just 32 of your friends to start using Dropbox, you quintuple your storage space! They offer paid options as well for more space, More information on that can be found here. It’s currently $9.99 a month for 50GB of storage, or 100GB for $19.99 a month.

SugarSync Backup Computer Repair2) SugarSync - Sugarsync works very similar to Dropbox in that you can sign up for free service using your email, install the program they use for syncing, and receive some space for free. However, with SugarSync you receive 5GB free right out of the gate, and each referral gains you 500MB, with no top limit currently. Your friends whom you refer also gain 500MB additional space right out of the gate for using a referral link too!

One of the main differences between SugarSync and Dropbox is that with SugarSync you can choose exactly what folders in your computer you want to have saved. You could set it so that everything in your Documents and on your Desktop gets backed up and nothing else, instead of having to move everything into one folder like Dropbox wants. However, like Dropbox and the other services, all you need to do is log in to their website

As well, SugarSync offers paid options for larger storage spaces, 30GB being $4.99 a month, going all the way to 250GB at $24.99 a month. There are several steps in between as well.

Mozy Online Backup Kalamazoo3) Mozy - Mozy is the third and final web service we’ll be covering today. It’s again the same process to sign up, you make an account, choose the free product, and install their software. It offers 2GB free, just as Dropbox would, but gives you the freedom of choosing what to backup like SugarSync. By referring friends and family, you can receive an additional 256MB per referral, with no upper limit on how much space you can unlock. They have two pricing tiers for the at-home user, either $5.99 for 50GB, or $9.99 a month for 125GB.

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