We offer FREE diagnostics!
No charge for pick-up or drop-off service if inside Kalamazoo County.В  A nominal fee will be incurred based on distance outside of the county.

In House Services:

Computer acting up? Viruses and spyware slowing your machine? Can’t connect to the internet? We can fix it! Our extensive experience with all types of computer problems gives us the advantage in the fight against unruly computers. Bring your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone in for a FREE diagnostic! It’s absolutely free with no strings attached.
On Site Services:

Got a system that is giving you trouble, but you can’t get out of the house? We can come to you! Our professional staff will gladly make a trip to your home and either fix your problem on site or bring your computer in for repairs.


Here at Your Information Technologies, we believe in providing clear pricing and offer some of the lowest prices in the area! Feel free to give us a call for any questions regarding our labor rates, we’re sure you will be happy with our prices.

Virus Removal:

Your Information Technologies is one of the only shops in town to offer virus removal as opposed to simply wiping out everything and starting fresh. Give us a chance to get rid of those obnoxious popups, virus warnings, trojan horses, malware and more while still maintaining your settings, installed programs, and information.

If you think you might be infected, it’s important to stop using the machine immediately. The longer you use a machine after it’s been compromised by viruses, the greater the chance that personal information will be gathered and stolen from you. We offer a flat rate price for the removal of unwanted software, including anything you have purchased that you need reinstalled.

Lacking any virus protection? We can help get you covered with the most effective programs available. Call us for information on our going rate or with any questions you have on what we do at (269) 382-4480. All machines that receive a cleaning receive our express tuneup absolutely free.

Virus Malware Alert
Reach us at 382-4480 or click the image to contact us if you see something like this.

Disclaimer: Due to the risk of user re-infection and the thoroughness of our virus removal procedure, we do not offer our usual labor warranty on virus removals. No matter how secure a system might be today, there are always new threats and viruses appearing daily even when visiting safe websites. We do everything we can to assist the few of our clients who become reinfected with discounts on multiple removal situations, but we do not accept responsibility or liability for machines once they leave our shop. It simply can’t be done.